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USG Realty Capital provides investors with a unique, mission-driven and socially responsible investing platform through opportunity zone funds, as well as a family of alternative real estate investment programs, including a 1031 exchange Delaware statutory trust platform.

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Using the proprietary USG/OZI risk mitigation strategy, the Investors Choice OZ Fund, is a first-of-its-kind Opportunity Zone fund that allows investors to choose between a number of project specific Opportunity Zone developments within the fund, to allow for as much project concentration or diversification as they desire.





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Tax-Incentivized refers to any type of investment that is either exempt from taxation, tax-deferred, or that offers other types of tax benefits. USG Realty Capital is a sponsor of investment opportunities that can provide such benefits via our opportunity zone funds and 1031 exchange offerings, among others. Private Placements are speculative.
Investment in the Interests is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including tax risk. There is no guarantee that the investor will receive any return on, or even a return of their investment. Only investors who can afford the loss of their entire investment should consider investing in the Interests. The contents of this communication: (i) do not constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities, (ii) offers can be made only by the confidential Private Placement Memorandum (the “PPM”) which is available upon request, (iii) do not and cannot replace the PPM and is qualified in its entirety by the PPM, and (iv) may not be relied upon in making an investment decision related to any investment offering by USG Realty Capital, LLC, or any affiliate, or partner thereof (“Issuer”). All potential investors must read the PPM and no person may invest without acknowledging receipt and complete review of the PPM. With respect to any goals and performance levels outlined herein, these do not constitute a promise of performance, nor is there any assurance that the investment objectives of any program will be attained. All investments carry the risk of loss of some or all of the principal invested. These “targeted” factors are based upon reasonable assumptions more fully outlined in the Offering Documents/PPM for the respective offering.
Consult the PPM for investment conditions, risk factors, minimum requirements, fees and expenses and other pertinent information with respect to any investment. These investment opportunities have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 and are being offered pursuant to an exemption therefrom and from applicable state securities laws. All offerings are intended only for accredited investors unless otherwise specified. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All information is subject to change. You should always consult a tax professional prior to investing. Investment offerings and investment decisions may only be made on the basis of a confidential private placement memorandum issued by Issuer, or one of its partner/issuers. Issuer does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein.
  • No guarantee that any will achieve its objectives;
  • All real estate investments have the potential to lose value;
  • The income stream and depreciation schedule may affect your income bracket and/or tax status. An unfavorable tax ruling may cancel deferral of capital gains and result in immediate tax liabilities;
  • All financed real estate investments have potential for foreclosure;
  • These assets are illiquid securities. There is no secondary market;
  • If a property unexpectedly loses tenants or sustains substantial damage, there is potential for suspension of cash flow distributions;
  • Costs associated with the transaction may impact investors’ returns and may outweigh the tax benefits; and
  • Tax benefits are not guaranteed and are subject to changes in the tax code.
Securities offered through KCD Financial, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Only available in states where KCD Financial, Inc. is registered. KCD Financial, Inc. is not affiliated with any other entities identified in this communication.
Material risks associated with investing in real estate, development, and private offering securities that potential investors should consider include but are not limited to:
  • A significantly limited ability to sell or transfer Interests
  • Uncertain economic outlook including changes in national, regional and local economic and demographic conditions, capital expenditures, interest rates, financing activities and tax status of the Company
  • Complex taxation, involving, among other things, significant issues as to the character and timing of realization of gains and losses. Prospective investors are strongly urged to consult their tax advisors with respect to the possible tax consequences of an investment. These tax consequences may be different for different investors.
  • Construction difficulties, delays, and defects
  • Inability to complete and lease up the Facility on schedule, collect rents or other receivables
  • Availability of financing, including construction financing and financing necessary to extend or refinance debt maturities
  • Ability to control operating costs, provide effective and efficient management and maintenance of the Property
  • Uninsured natural disasters and the inability to obtain adequate insurance on favorable terms
  • The Sponsor and its Affiliates will receive substantial fees and compensation from the operation of the Property. The compensation arrangements are not the result of arm’s-length negotiations.
All real estate and development investments carry the risk of a complete loss of invested capital. Returns, cash flow, appreciation, distributions after appreciation are not guaranteed and could be lower than anticipated. Please read the entire Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for a full discussion of the business plan and risk factors prior to investing. By accepting this material, you agree to keep all terms and provision of this offering and the lease confidential, and you will not share or disseminate any of the information in this offering or lease.

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