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KindCare at Bristol Bristol, CT

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KindCare at Bristol
Bristol, CT

With the KindCare “Companion Care” model, this Senior Living project provides residents with luxury amenities and services at a more affordable price. Residents will enjoy rooms that integrate technology, allowing easy access to telehealth and virtual visitations with family & friends. Through proprietary metrics, KindCare strategically positions its assets in middle markets by utilizing proven demographic and competitive analysis metrics.

This is a rendering of the projected project.

Fund Equity

Asset Class
Senior Living

Residential Units

Estimated Completion Date
May 2023

Preferred Annualized Return*

*Per Project preferred returns are set by the fund manager, ICOZ Manager, LLC. The preferred returns are contractual in nature as they are displayed here. There is no guarantee that investors will receive the preferred returns represented here. The Pro Forma Average Annual Cash-on-Cash returns are an estimate based on the most recent published project pro forma by the fund manager, ICOZ Manager, LLC and all current available data.